Free Account with Twitter

Earn a free account on TraderSync by sharing trades you add to Twitter.

How it Works?

Create an account

Created an account on TraderSync using your Twitter account. If you do not have a Twitter account yet, you can just open one.

Twitter and TraderSync
Share your trades on twitter

Share your first tweet

As you create your account, TraderSync will ask for your consent to share a tweet to open up your account.

Enter your trades

Use the manual entry tool to enter your stock executions into TraderSync.

Sample Trade Journal
Share your trades on twitter

Share your trades

As you close your trades, TraderSync ask for your consent to share your trade into your twitter feed account. * TraderSync will never tweet without your consent.

Keep in Mind

Tweet Frequency

The journal will ask for your consent to share a tweet for every trade you close on TraderSync.

Adding Trades

You can add your trades manually to your journal. If you wish to import them, you must upgrade.

Deleted Tweets

You can delete your tweets at anytime but TraderSync will suggest to instead use a pay account.


Review the pricing page to learn which features are available under this account type.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I delete the tweets after I share them?

The application will ask you to reshare them to continue being eligable for the free account.

Which markets can I use the free account for?

Stocks only.

Would you auto tweet for me?

No, we will always ask you for you to confirm that we can send the tweet out. We will not tweet without asking you and showing you the content of the tweet.

Can I use the app with the free account type?

Yes, the app is completed free to use.