Stock Trading Journal With an AI Couch

The all-new artificial intelligence trading coach to build a profitable trading strategy thought proper trading management.

Powerful Stock Trading Journal

Understand exactly why you took the trade. Tracking setups, mistakes, price action, targets, stop losses, results and more.

Intraday Charting

Empower by AI

Our AI engine will crunch all your numbers and provide you with feedback in plan English.

Simulate New Trading Strategies

Know What is Really Working

We dig down into your trading patterns and provide you with reporting tools that clearly shows you what is working for you.

Simulate New Trading Strategies
Intraday Charting

Stock Trade Management

We help you track your trade management to ensure you stay on the best potential path.

Why Choose TraderSync as Your Stock Trading Journal?

  • Track Stock Entries and Exit Points
  • Automatic Calculation of profit and losses
  • Easily import your stock trade
  • Responsive Platform
  • Available on IOS and Android
  • Plot your executions on the chart
  • Easily filter your data to create reports
  • Custom Dashboards with 50+ Widgets
  • Over 15+ reporting tools
  • Interactive charting
  • Attach screenshot to trades
  • Track Setups and Mistakes

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