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Easily journal and track your trading performance with our Trading Journal tailored for Soegee.

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Bringing you the most comprehensive Trading Journal for Soegee.

The trading journal was built by traders struggling to track what was working and what was not working when trading specific setups. We wanted to answer complex questions like: Do I trade better on Fridays morning while trading small caps? Or should I be focusing on Monday to Thursday afternoon on tickers that have spiked over 25%?

With a flexible yet easy-to-use report, you can answer these and hundreds of questions that a trader could like us could have.

Sometimes the answer needs to be found on the price action where the trade took place. This is why have released a trade replay. This allows you to click on one button to replay the price action exactly as it happened tick by tick. Allowing you to revive those emotions and the decision process that took place to further analyze your performance.

Trade Journal Sample

Soegee Trading Journal

Easily Upload Your Trades

With just a few clicks you can upload your trading history over to your trading journal.

Track Your Performance

Count with numerous reports and 20+ filters allowing you to view your trading patterns from any angle.

Trade Journal Sample
Intraday Charting

Tracking Performance

Identify profitable trading patterns

Smart Insights

Automatically analyze your data to detect potential profitable trading patterns. TraderSync will mine your data

Analyzing hundreds of trades looking for profitable trading patterns can be tedious. This is why w

Smart Trade Feedback

Replay Trades

Unlike any other trading journal for Soegee. TraderSync allows you to replay your past trades to help you analyze them better.

Smart Trade Feedback
Trading Journal Widgets

Replay Tape & Level II

Simple click on replay trades on any of your recorded trades and you will be redirected to our trading terminal which allows you to replay the price action, tape, level II tick by tick.

Simulate New Trading Strategies

Speed Up Your Learning

Create a list of charts that contains your setup to practice on the trading terminal those charts that you have already traded looking for you to improve your edge quickly.

Simulate New Trading Strategies

Measure Your Performance

Measure your performance on the playlist againt the community to see where you stand when trading a specific setup and playlist.

Reasons to Use TraderSync as your Main Trading Journal for Soegee?

  • 100,000+ Users
  • 7+ Years in the Market
  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • Build by Intraday Traders for Traders
  • Most Complete Trading Journal
  • Available Mobile Apps
  • Superb Customer Support
  • Replay Trades
  • Works with 719+ Brokers
  • Trusted by Professional Traders
  • Seamless Integration with Soegee
  • Featured Packed
*No Credit Card Required

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your journal work with {display_broker_title}?

All you need to do is to export your trades from {display_broker_title} import it into your TraderSync Trading Journal account and you will be good to go. The process can take up to 1 minute.

Can I upload my trades via CSV from {display_broker_title} to TraderSync?

Yes, you can easily upload a CSV containing your trades from {display_broker_title} over to your trading journal. Instructions will be detailed once you open your 7 days free trial account.

Do you support any other broker/platform/exchange apart from {display_broker_title}?

TraderSync supports over {display_broker_count}+ brokers. Click here to view the list of brokers that are supported in the trading journal.

Which assets can I journal from {display_broker_title}?

You can journal Stocks, Options, Crypto, and Futures from {display_broker_title} over to TraderSync Trading Journal.

Do you offer a trial to explore the journal for {display_broker_title}?

Yes, we offer a 7 day free trial no credit card is required. You will count on our live chat support which will ensure you can easily upload your trades from {display_broker_title} over to your TraderSync Trading Journal.