Stock Trading Journal With an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coach

The all-new Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading coach to build a profitable trading strategy through proper trading management.

Journal Your Trades With Ease

Our stock trading journal is built so you can easily log your trades in a matter of seconds. Whether you want to record your trades manually or have our system import your trade history over from your broker or trading platform.

Intraday Charting

Get Insightful Analytics

View reports on setups, mistakes, monthly, weekly, price range, volume and more. Our reports are very easy to understand yet powerful enough to the point that you can apply filters to the minimum detail.

Get Assisted by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Forget about spending hours looking at multiple spreadsheets to decipher what setup to focus on. Zukzu, our coach, with data mining and artificial intelligence will tell you in straightforwardly what to focus on and what to avoid.

Tailor The Journal To Your Needs.

Track the data that matters to you and shape your journals to contain what you really need. Our stock trading journal is flexible enough to support multiple trade settings to match your requirements.

Simulate New Trading Strategies

Discover Your Trading Edge

Our trading journal software is built to assist your trading skills in order to provide accurate recommendations based on your patterns/habits.

Simulate New Trading Strategies

Track Your Trades on The Go

Unlike any other stock trading journal, our application will self-adapt to any device you use it from. Mobiles, Tablets, Desktop.

Why Choose TraderSync as Your Stock Trading Journal?

  • Track Stock Entries And Exit Points
  • Automatic Calculation Of Profit And Losses
  • Easily Import Your Stock Trade
  • Responsive Platform
  • Available On IOS And Android
  • Plot Your Executions On The Chart
  • Easily Filter Your Data To Create Reports
  • Custom Dashboards With 50+ Widgets
  • Over 15+ Reporting Tools
  • Interactive Charting
  • Attach Screenshot To Trades
  • Track Setups And Mistakes