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Moazzam Ali
March 15, 2022
TraderSync is just AWESOME!!
TraderSync is just AWESOME!!!
its a must if you ask me when starting out and actually see what is your trading process. It is among the most flexible and complete trading journal software. TraderSync is an excellent platform for identifying opportunities of improvements within your own trading patterns through journaling your trades. They present a superb user experience that brings joy when tracking trades and analyzing once performance. TraderSync is a trading journal that can help you learn from past trades and grow as a trader. this is a powerful tool to bolster your trading strategies by analyzing every nook of your trading history. TraderSync offers a fantastic blend of functionality and ease of use.
Michael T
March 11, 2022
Best Trading Journal!
I have used TraderSync for about 3 weeks and I have enjoyed it so much. This keeps me organized on all my trades. This also helps me back-test any new strategies I am trying to implement. I am able to tag each trade with the setup I am working on. I will recommend this to anyone that wants to keep track of their trading.
March 9, 2022
Team is great
Team is great, videos are great, the platform is great. Highly recommend this roduct!

I have to thank Timothy Sykes for influencing and inspiring such a wonderful trading community that wants to help each other grow! And I must say that TraderSync is equally as important to the growth and success of all traders. With my experience using this trading journal, it is too good to keep to myself. I must stay transparent and push on to next-level success. By upgrading my trading journal to Elite, I am ready to conquer live trading, YouTube recaps, and success towards self-sufficiency as a real trader! Thanks to TraderSync, we all can work towards greatness in penny stock trading!

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“Your journal is your edge. Keep track of your weak points and strong points. Look how to improve and focus on the setups with the best return. In room we use @tradersync “

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TraderSync creates beautiful and easy-to-read reports that are meant to be informative as well as educational. Nobody likes to be told they are making errors. But TraderSync does this in a way that is meant to support the user so that they can work on correcting these in the future. Now for the part that I think is the coolest part of TraderSync’s platform. The site actually uses artificial intelligence to analyze those reports and provide constructive feedback. TraderSync’s A.I. can provide a specific analysis of your trading habits including things like at what time of day you are more successful with your trades. The platform can also let you know which days of the week your trades do better on, and which range of stock price you are most profitable in.

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January 21, 2022
Great tool for retail apes

Great tool for retail apes. The broker sync function is excellent (I use ByBit) and the customer service is very good. A really excellent tool for journaling and improving your trade performance.

Having a solid trading journal can benefit your trading analysis in a variety of ways. TraderSync is a trading journal that provides a variety of tools for analyzing your past trades. With TraderSync you can not only make notes about trades, but you can also create categories for setups and mistakes as well as see whether there are days, times, or types of trades that have been the most profitable. Read our in-depth review of TraderSync to see if this trading journal is the right pick.

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The extensive range of capabilities available through TraderSync has the potential to enhance your trading results dramatically. You may get even more value out of your trading journal using the platform, which analyses your trades and generates informative insights.

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TraderSync is an online trading journal software packed with features. Including easy trade import from a huge range of brokerage firms. Comprehensive data reporting options and an intuitive user interface. Tradersync is a fantastic option for traders looking for a powerful all in one online trading journal solution.

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TraderSync takes the crown because of its features and outstanding usability. Beyond a slew of features that match or exceed those of other journals (including trade importing), it is the tool’s design that impresses me most. In fact, besides a tool I built for personal use, TraderSync is the only journal that I actively turn to myself. Oh, and it's the only journal to include iOS and Android mobile apps. Bottom line, for an easy-to-use and overall feature-rich replacement for Excel, TraderSync delivers.

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Zac Paul
January 19, 2022
Provides the most informative metrics while simultaneously looking the best

Out of all the trading journals I have used, tradersync has been the most informative and insightful journal. Draggable widgets and accessible filters make it simple to quickly access my stats, and the Dark Theme in particular is very easy to look at.

My favorite feature is the Performance Management tool that helps me with my trading plan, and get in depth with evaluating certain setups and rules that I can use while I trade. That along with intuitive graphs for just about any performance metric I can think of gives me all the information I need to trade successfully.

Tom Kai
November 26, 2021
Must have if you want to become profitable in trading
Awesome app, been using it for a year. I´ve also used a lot of other apps for trading, but this one is the best by far and helped me improve greatly. If you want to become professional trader, working with data to find and improve your edge is a MUST.

Tradersync allows you not only to analyse setups to see where you make most money or loose most money, but also to track your emotions, mistakes etc.
It allows you to import data from pretty much all brokers across the board, so forget long nights full of headaches with manual loggings into excel spreadsheets. Also support is very fast and always helpful.

If you want to become consistently profitable in trading, this app is the way to go.
Efron Casts
November 26, 2021
If you trade you NEED tradersync!
Apart from being an amazing system to journal and log trades, customer service is nothing short of amazing! Great product! Great people!
Earvin Julius
November 25, 2021
Amazing Product & Next Level Support -- Mind Blown
Saw this product in the chatroom I am in and really liked all the statistical and AI analysis that it provides for trading. This truly takes journaling to the next level by both making it efficient and highly customizable to the trader's needs. I had a few questions about importing trades and overall platform navigation and David who invited me to go to chat from email, answered all my questions. Even took the time of day to make a short video clip to explain certain technical process of filtering. He also did trouble shoot an import issue I had and as a result we were able to create another broker import route for a broker that was not previously on the import list, on the fly while we were on chat. The customer support for this product is unbelievably reliable, extremely helpful, and detailed. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to expand their edge in the markets.
Darcy Zaharichuk
October 14, 2021
TraderSync > Any other journal
TraderSync is by far the best option for online trading journals. The Data and insights it gives you compared to the other services is crazy.

I love how i can filter through my setups and check the stats for each particular setup. This helps me identify my A+ setups and which ones I should cut out.

TraderSync has really helped me find my trading edge, you should give it a try.

The number one challenge active day traders face is emotions. Emotions lead to irrational decisions when placing a trade. TraderSync is an online trading journal that allows you to work on your emotions by constantly mining your data to look for points of weakness where mistakes are causing you to lose money. Challenging you as an active trader to determine if your trades are truly following your plan.

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You get a lot of detail and you categorize all of your trades by setups and mistakes. It's really cool to be able to pay attention to those patterns, if you start seeing the same mistake over and over, you know that’s where you need to improve.

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Justin Gomez
September 11, 2021
A MUST for Dedicated Traders
I started with the free trial last year, and immediately found the value in the service. I'm now going on my second year using Pro plan. This has been incredibly useful for me in journaling, reviewing metrics, seeing where I do best, etc.
H. Hayden
August 4, 2021
Easy to use and time saver trading…
Easy to use and time saver trading journal, the other cool thing about it is it can recognize your options strategies, which not other trading journals in the market can do. I would recommend it if you are a serious trader.
Kyle Cassidy
August 3, 2021
Great customer service and great app
Great customer service and great app. the app is very visually appealing and has great charting. this service is a must for any aspiring trader who wants to find edge.
July 29, 2021
Tradersync is simply the best of its kind
Becoming a consistently profitable trader is every trader's dream. To achieve this coveted goal you MUST deliberately hone in on your weaknesses and perfect your imperfections. Tradersync is hands down the best tool currently available in the market to achieve that. It's extremely user friendly and has concise tutorial videos for anything you'd like to learn. Moreover, the team is very responsive and will provide prompt replies to any questions you might have.

This is a marathon and not a sprint and if you're serious about trading you absolutely have to journal and analyze your trades and Tradersync helps you do just that. All you have to do is import your trades from your broker into the software and voila! It provides you with in-depth analysis of all the trades you've taken and a detailed report that will let you see exactly where you need to put in more work to perfect your techniques and increase the odds of success. It divides your trades by setup, profit-losses ratio, long vs short, time of day, day of week, sector, by mistakes, etc. Additionally, it factors in all relevant variables which helps you truly understand exactly what changes you need to make in order to achieve the best possible results.

If you're undecided about what software to use, let me save you the suspense--Tradersync is hands down the best of its kind and will help you focus on your trading strategies while resting assured that Tradersync will be your personal trading analyst and statistician.

A next-level trading journal and analytics platform, TraderSync provides serious traders with the tracking and reporting data needed to take things to the next level. TraderSync’s user-friendly design and beautiful interface make it a pleasure to work with, and the software provides an incredible amount of insight into your overall performance.

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July 13, 2021
best of overall
tried most of the alternatives
tradersync is the best overall with a fair price
July 9, 2021
A great tool for trading analytics
After try other tools, finally i´ve decided Tradersync is the best for track all my trades and get best analytics. Definitely a must if you want to improve your trading and get best results.

Besides all necessary features, they offer a very nice UI, different task and achievements that should improve your trading and their own mobile app for both iOS and Android so you can review your trades on your phone or tablet.

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Pranay Patel
June 28, 2021
hands down best journaling software.
Used trademetria, tradeviz, wingman. You name them. I have used them. But tradersync is the easiest and the best UI, it looks sleek like trading view and has great customer support, which usually lacks in other journaling software services. I recommend this for beginners.

It is a trading journal I use to categorize my trades, see how I'm doing, take the emotions out of it, and to really break down how I can improve my trading!

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May 17, 2021
Trader sync is great!
The software helps me understand my trading styles and patterns. The interface is amazing and can be customized to the way that anyone wants it to look like. Being able to view and look at everything you do is a real game-changer and tradersync lets you do it!
Natalie Novoa
April 20, 2021
A must for every trader, up your game...
Using a trading journal is one of the most important things you can do when you're a trader. Every successful teacher will tell you this. I had been looking for a digital trading journal app for some time with no luck. A friend told me about Tradersync and I decided to try it. Thankfully they had a 7 day free trial and I was able to get in and check it out. They have an import function where in like 2sec I can import all my trades from my Tasty account. It automatically plots my exit and entry points on the stocks' chart which is so amazing! I used to take screenshots and use annotate to do that by hand (it was a pain in the butt). I can type notes and make tags for mistakes and setups. Not to mention the incredible dashboard that I can customize to show all the metrics I'm interested in. I've only been using it for a few weeks but I am completely sold! I am noticing patterns of things I do that I should not be doing. Things that if I did not have this app I would not have caught in a written journal or excel sheet. And lastly to put the cherry on top, is their excellent customer service. They are available on the chat anytime I've needed them and have helped me understand everything I needed saving me time and without headaches. I love these guys! I highly recommend this to every single trader out there. It will save you time and up your game to make you a more profitable trader.
Tony Kaler
April 14, 2021
Great Product
Great Product. I will continue to use it as it has all the features required for a trading journal with easy-to-read reports and data compatibility from different trading platforms.
March 22, 2021
Very good platform
Very good platform, fluid, intuitive, simple and complete. Just not really affordable for me at the moment as I am not yet funded as a trader.
And I subscribed annually by mistake ($179), so I directly sent a message to the customer service who refunded me quite quickly.

TraderSync keeps track of everything. Even more data then edgewonk, although more expensive, i highly recommend them as they track more data.

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Masoud Zandieh
March 3, 2021
Tradersync is so advanced...
Tradersync is such an advanced piece of Software that the title ``trading log`` doesn't do it justice. It analyses every piece of information you can imagine around your trading acitivity. And it has some unique features that the competition can only dream about. For example the tradingview chart integration for every trade or the catigorisation of trades in market cap etc. The top of the icecake is the AI feature, which find out things about your trading that you have never thought about. It's really an amazin peace of software and I think everybody can profit from it, no matter if you are a day, swing or position trader.
Leo Torres
February 8, 2021
I dare you to find a better trade log manager
When I started trading I thought keeping track of my stupid mistakes may help me avoid future stupid. I Found this as the #1 rated app for trade so I went with it. I loaded the trades and the graphs an insight was amazing I absolutely loved it. There one major problem all the graphs and number were way off. So there was no insight but man the graphs were very pretty. I decided soon after to cancel. One of the reps David asked me told it great graphs no real value. He and his team went to work and every single TradeStation trade matches to the penny. I do mean penny. It is also much easier to understand than my own trading platform. If you have TS this is hands down the best. I dare you to find oe better.

There are plenty of features like for example, a function to track commissions, visualize stop losses, and import or manual entry of your trading activity. Many individual traders will find it extremely convenient to be able to import your trading history. TraderSync also offers a simulator allowing traders to simulate market scenarios based on their data.

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Akiva Boas
December 29, 2020
The most advanced Day traders Journal…
The most advanced Day traders Journal have seen yet, So many options to help perfect your skills. The key to me is to be able to journal and analyze your work while making it easy to connect with your broker. The Charts as well showing your entry and exits> looking forward to writing a follow-up review
December 16, 2020
Hands down TraderSyn is the Number 1…
Hands down TraderSync is the Number 1 trading log app in the market now. I was blown away by the quality and features built into it. Guys, they have a free Mobile app too. The folks I worked with on account creation and support were super nice and prompt in response. I am hooked.

TraderSync is amazing to look at, it's very modern and I absolutely love it, and it makes me want to come to my journal every day. Its features are rich and it’s fun.. It’s actually fun looking at your trades, you can always find ways to improve.

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I absolutely love this trading journal, and it's made an incredible difference in my trading since I've been tracking my statistics. What I love about it is that it is easy to use, on the go, you don't have to type in any trades manually!

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November 11, 2020
Tradersync is very easy to read and…
Tradersync is very easy to read and very clear. If you are new to trading like me they were great at being patient and answering all the crazy newbie questions I had. And their platform is so easy to read, compared to the other company I tried. Day and night difference. They have a great platform and more importantly great customer service and people who care. They are the best for a reason, in my opinion.
November 5, 2020
Outstanding insight
This tool has in a week helped me already on my path to become a much better trader. Giving me insights on my strategy, how it's working or not for me. The ability to import data as well as the option to manually enter them to push you to remember. This is a must for every trader as it gives you graphs to become better. Highly recommend TraderSync, it will make you save tones of money, especially if you're a beginner.
Sebastien Jerome
October 29, 2020
The Analytical Journal That Opens Your Eyes (and makes you money)
The platform really opened up my eyes on what I needed to change to take my trading to the next level. I was able to pin down my mistakes and realize how much more profitable I was on some of these set ups.
Yes, there's cheaper journals out there, but if you're looking for a quality platform that truly goes deep into your data and gives you answers as to why things are not working (or how you can become more efficient), then this is what you need. In the long run, it pays for itself.

Their IOS app works perfectly, and they actually custom integrated my broker's excel files within 48 hours to facilitate my bulk import system. 10/10, with exceptional customer service.
sarbjit singh
October 6, 2020
Awesome platform to find out your…
Awesome platform to find out your mistakes and plan your future trades. Makes you a abetter trader.
Reiley Bartine
October 3, 2020
I Love The Service, but...
I have actually loved using the TraderSync platform, but one thing that is difficult about it is the very high price point! you might notice that I stopped using Trader sync because the value it brought me didn't quite line up with the price. If I was able to use it more and become more experienced with it maybe my mind would change, but that brings me to my 2nd point that the trial period is very short. Trading is a long term game, and only being able to try a product like this for 7 days makes it difficult to weigh out if it is worth it to me.
September 25, 2020
Tradersync can analyze Option Trading
Tradersync platform is clean visually and is easy to use. I do a lot of options trading so having a trade journal that can accommodate this type of trading is a plus. It allows me to easily import my trading history for analysis. I can also custom edit specific notes to apply to each of my entries and exits. I look forward to fine-tuning my trading methods with the help of Tradersync capturing my transactions analysis.

TraderSync is a platform where you can keep track of every trade you make. It has all my trades broken down by strategy and by mistakes. Tradersync has by far more stats then you could ever get from any excel sheet. You can see any trading stat you would ever want to look at.

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“ TraderSync is designed for traders of a variety of markets including stocks, options, and futures. It summarizes your trade records into beautiful dashboards, complete with recommendations on how to trade better. You can get started with it easily as it supports over 100 brokers. Furthermore, it has mobile apps for both Android and IOS. Each plan offers a free trial which you can activate without a credit card, but only the Elite plan gives you AI insights on your trading performance.”

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Jorgen Soby
September 16, 2020
Insightful backtesting with eye candy
I would definetly recommend TraderSync to anyone who trades repeatable strategies. I was pleasantly surprised with the tips it offered on its own, for example the bulk of may gains where from 9:30-10am and the bulk of my losses were from 10am-11am TraderSync pointed this out to me so I just stopped trading from 10-11. It will save you a lot of money if your willing to just log your trades and notes at the end of the day

What I really like about it is all the in depth stats you get from it. It really allows you to see your overall performance, where your opportunities are, what your strongest types of setups are and what strategies are working for you.

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July 27, 2020
Option Trading Journaling
I've used Tradersync for a week to journal my options trading and I'm in love, I think it's one of the most comprehensive solutions out there; the interface is very user friendly and the reporting is great for tracking . Highly recommended.
Equanimous Gains
July 23, 2020
Astoundingly Great Product - AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
I am so impressed with this service! Every day after trading I just import my trades where I can see my stats in a way that makes good visual sense (not just staring at an excel document). The ability to make detailed notes on each trade (along with custom ``mistake`` tabs) as well as the ability to write a journal entry for that day of trading... I cannot recommend TraderSync enough! The thing that truly makes this stand out on top of all that is the customer service. you can always open up a chat window and within a few minutes someone is there. friendly, helpful, patient. In short, if you do not have this already, BUY IT NOW!! you will thank yourself. Also, if you get the annual plan it is way more affordable. try it out for a few days and you will see. then upgrade it to an annual membership. HAPPY TRADING!!
Elimar Ugueto
July 13, 2020
Tradersync provides excellent features…
Tradersync provides excellent features in their platform. For me the most significative is their user interface and design. Its very simple to use. Also, the variety of stats that give you an overview and perspective of your performance as a trader. I looked so much online and got lost in so many boring and complicated spreadsheets that when I found Tradersync I couldn't be more happy. Their customer service is amazing. Their tutorials are super helpful, simple and to the point. They not only support different stock trading plataforms but also the most recognized crypto platforms in the market. I am very grateful that I was able to find Tradersync online because it makes you save time and makes your life easier when trading.
Sean Knowles
May 13, 2020
TraderSync is an absolutely excellent…
TraderSync is an absolutely excellent journal and trading log, probably the best on the market... actually it is the best having trialled most of the others (TraderVue, Journalytix, EdgeWonk). Its closes rival is Edgwonk but that wasn't hosted online so didn't fit my use case. Also Its the most up to date and refined, the support absolutely excellent. I have been dealing with Daniel who has helped me every step of the way.
There are neat features such as mistake tracking are really helping me dial in my execution and trade management. Their broker's support is excellent and ever-expanding.

Furthermore, they are also open to suggestions and platform updates if you would like to see additional or custom performance metrics. I have put in a few suggestions myself. It just shows they are customer development focused and happy to listen to what their users need.

A few gripes about the competition, I used Tradingvue before but they charged an entire additional subscription for my mentor to view my trade history. This felt excessive as was already a Pro member, so they effectively were charging me double if my mentor wanted to check my trades and journal updates. This is the primary reason I left Tradingvue. I have no such problems with Tradersync and they have accommodated everything I have asked for.

I don't leave reviews often but I was most impressed with my experience and felt the need to support the product.

If your looking for the best product for tracking and journaling trades. Look no further than TraderSync.
jenni jang
May 13, 2020
Super friendly and helpful customer…
Super friendly and helpful customer service!

TraderSync is an online trading journal with tons of features to help you understand your trading patterns so you can take your future trades to the next level. TraderSync not only helps you keep track of current trades, but it also lets you peek back at past trades to see what worked and what didn’t. Needless to say, this is a powerful tool to bolster your trading strategy.

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Nathalie Stanik-Durlet
May 11, 2020
Great compare to the other softwares
Great compare to the other softwares, helps me improve and track trading strategies. Great analytics, nice layout , easy understandable.
Would recommend to every trader to improve your trading system.
May 9, 2020
Advanced and convenient tool for traders
I came across Tradersync as I was looking for a modern alternative for trading journals out there in the market.
I was looking for a tool which is very user friendly and intuitive, allows me to save time when importing the data and lastly enable me to improve my performance.

In my personal opinion, this is a tool that really helps you especially if you trade a lot - besides recording the trades and ability to go through them, one of the things I liked was the ability to add mistakes to your trades in form of a tag and later run simulations and see how your performance could improve if you focused on eliminating certain mistakes like FOMO, chasing stocks etc.

This solution also has an app for iOS that I haven't used much but it looks and I plan to check it out in the future.

Overall, if you plan to become a trader or are trading already, you probably know that the ability to develop a plan and check against that plan, along with solving mistakes is key. This tool really helps you with that.

Lastly by the way, you will love the feature these guys have which allows you to import your trades from your broker with few clicks.

TraderSync is a highly interactive trading journal that enables you to analyze your past trades. The software goes far beyond simply allowing you to make notes about your trades. You can create categories for setups and mistakes and quickly see whether there are days, times, or types of trades that are delivering the most profit. You can also quantitatively model how your profit and loss would change by pursuing a specific strategy or eliminating a specific type of mistake.

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Andrew G
May 7, 2020
Great Product and Service
Top notch user interface, and faster than many of the other products in the market. TraderSync has a great depth of useful features and filters – and also has an impressive App for my iPhone. I have been impressed with customer support and responsiveness as I was deciding on the right trade journaling software for my use. I look forward to continuous gains in my trading performance as I leverage this journaling tool!