Looking for a Trading Journal Spreadsheet?

Upgrade from the old way of journaling your trades on Excel, xlsx, spreadsheet or Google Sheet.

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Spreadsheet Trading Journal
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Built-In Reporting

Unlike trading journal spreadsheets, TraderSync will automatically create advanced reports based on your trades.

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Mobile App Trade Journal

Cloud-Based Application

Unlike excel sheets, TraderSync lives on a highly secure cloud server, allowing access to your data from anywhere at all times.

Smart Trade Feedback

Built-In Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Save time from trying to interpret excel or google sheets, let our AI engine interpret the data, and report back to you in a plain and simple format.

Smart Trade Feedback
Trade Management

Stock Trade Management

Unlike spreadsheets trading journals, TraderSync will assist in keeping the best profitable path with the management feature.

Why Choose TraderSync as Your Stock Trading Journal?

  • Track Stock Entries and Exit Points
  • Automatic Calculation of profit and losses
  • Easily import your stock trades over
  • Responsive Platform
  • Available on IOS and Android
  • Easy to Understand Reports
  • Filter To Explore Your Data from Multiple Angles
  • Chat Support
  • Constantly Growing Features
  • Build Chart with Price Action
  • Track Stops and Targets
  • and more
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