Enhance Your Trading Strategy with TraderSync Reports

Go beyond basic PnL reviews to uncover hidden trading patterns that can help you adjust your trading strategy. TraderSync offers pre-made reports that break down your data into manageable sections, often called ‘buckets’, revealing areas for growth.

Key Reports

Some of the key reports include, but are not limited to:

  • Timeframes (Hourly, Weekday, etc.).
  • Entry Price, Volume, Status (Winners/Losers).
  • Side (Long/Short), Spread (Options), Symbol, Call/Put.
  • Setups, Mistakes, Custom Tags, and more.


These pre-made reports allow you to easily identify patterns in your trading data, helping you make informed decisions.

Interpreting the Results


Reviewing the hourly report, we can quickly visualize that trading on Fridays results in losses. This suggests reconsidering trading on Fridays to avoid these losses.

Day of the Week Performance:

Day of Week Return
Monday $44,000
Tuesday $20,000
Wednesday $10,000
Thursday $13,000
Friday -$22,000

The takeaway here is to possibly avoid trading on Fridays. Let’s dig deeper to see if there’s more to learn from this report.


Using Overlays

Overlays allow you to layer other important metrics on the pivot table to assess the effectiveness of your trading.


Overlaying the profit factor:

Day of the Week Performance with Profit Factor:

Day of Week Return Profit Factor
Monday $44,532 1.5
Tuesday $20,000 3.2
Wednesday $10,000 1.2
Thursday $13,000 1.3
Friday -$22,000 -1.8


With this information, we see that while Monday appears to be the most profitable day, Tuesday’s profit factor is almost double that of Monday. This suggests that the quality of trades on Tuesday is better, indicating a bigger opportunity to explore Tuesday trades further.

Overlays help visualize potential correlations, enhancing the understanding of your trading effectiveness.

Overlay these graphs on top of your PnL chart for powerful insights:

  • PnL
  • Profit Factor
  • Traded Quantity
  • Number of Mistakes
  • Number of Trades

Insights: Your Data-Driven Trading Coach

Think of TraderSync as a tireless analyst, sifting through your data to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.


Imagine TraderSync discovers you have exceptional results trading a “Day Breakout” setup on Tuesdays, specifically during morning hours.  This kind of pattern is difficult to find manually, but our system surfaces it automatically, saving you time and effort.

Drill Down for Deeper Insights

Need to investigate further? Each bucket in a report can be drilled down into.  Clicking a bucket (like the 10AM bar in the Hourly Report) applies that as a filter. You can then analyze other reports and metrics with that 10AM filter, giving you unlimited angles for exploration.