Forex Trading Journal for Active Traders

Easily track your trade executions while generating powerful yet easy to understand reports that will help you find your profitable trading path.

Trading Journal on Laptop
Spread Option Trading

Security / Forex Pair Support

Easily enter the trades for the security or pair you are trading into the journal. TraderSync, will safely stores and provide you with reporting tools from your executions.

Spread Option Trading
Track Expiery Dates

Track Expiration Dates on Options

Easily identify and close expired trades to calculate P/L.

Import Your Trades

Easily Import Your Trades

Import your trades from Oanda, MetaTrader 4 and other popular brokers or trading platform into TraderSync. View our list of supported brokers to find out more.

Import Your Trades
Trade Management

Forex Trade Management

While you trade currencies, TraderSync will assit you managing your rules to ensure to are following your trading plan.

Why Choose TraderSync as Your Forex Trading Journal?

  • Automatically Calculate P/L of Your Trades
  • Track Securities and Forex Pairs
  • Create Reports with Your Trading Data
  • Drilldown Reports
  • Flexible Dashboard
  • Easily Import Your FX Trades
  • Efficiently Track Lots for Your Trades
  • View Price Action on The Chart
  • Automatic Calculation of Profit and Losses
  • Easily Share Your Trades
  • Responsive Platform
  • Available on IOS and Android