Paper trading competition. Win a share of a $2,000 prize pool

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Paper trading competition

Contest Starts March 7th!

Put your trading strategies to the test on our
stock Market Replay simulator. Participate for free
for a chance to win real prizes.


$700 amazon gift card

+ 1 year elite membership


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$100 amazon gift card

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How To Participate

  1. If you do not have one yet, create a TraderSync account. You do not need a paying account to participate. You can simply opt for a free account by messaging our live chat box in the bottom right hand corner
  2. Login and click on the “Market Replay Simulator”.
  3. Click “Contest” from the left menu.
  4. Click on “Register” on the right hand side next to the contest.
  5. Once the contest start days kicks in, you will see a button called “Trade Now” next to the contest.

How to Trade for the contest

  1. Once the contest start-day kicks in, you will see a button called “Trade Now” next to the contest.
  2. Upon clicking on “Trade Now“, you will gain access to the trading terminal with a provided watchlist.
  3. Place paper trades on any of the contest’s watchlist tickers utilizing your trading strategy.

Paper trade for real prizes

How to Win

Paper trade on our Market Replay simulator to aim for higher returns. The top three traders with the highest return qualify for the prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which assets will be tradable on the contest?

The paper trading contest will only be for U.S.-listed equities.

Is it a real-time or 15min delay?

No, the charts will be selected from past days.

Meaning, you will be trading past charts. The ticker and date will be masked so no one will be able to know which charts were selected.

What would be the initial balanace and buying power?

Both, initial balance and buying power will be $10,000 for everyone.

Can I trade with my own charting indicators?

Yes, you can utilize any of TradingView’s indicators available on their charting software.

When does the contest end?

The contest ends March 14 at midnight UTC.

Can I trade the contest anytime I want?

Yes! You can attempt the contest any time you wish over the 7-day period. You can also take a break and come back to resume whenever you wish.

Do I have to pay for locate fees?

No, all tickers during the contest do not require to locate fees to short them.

How many charts can I trade?

You can trade as many charts as you want from the available contest watchlist.

Is there a limit to the amount of trades I can place?

No, feel free to place as many trades as you need.

How do you protect from someone trying to cheat?

We have in place many technical features that allow the system to immediately disqualify anyone that attempts to cheat the system or breaks any rules.

Is it free to participate?

Yes, it is free to participate. You do not need a paying account. You can opt for a free account by requesting it via live chat.

Do I have to trade the contest everyday?

No! You can complete the challenge at your own convenience. We made the window to complete the challenge a week long to allow you to complete it at your own leisure.

Can I long and short?


Do you factor cost of commissions on trades?

No, we are not counting commissions on trades as all trades placed have free commission setting.