Setting Realistic Expectations: Account Balance vs. Performance Analysis in TraderSync

TraderSync empowers you to analyze your trading performance with insightful tools. However, it’s important to understand the distinction between tracking performance and mirroring your account balance.

Focus on Performance, Not Account Balance

TraderSync excels at analyzing your trading performance, measured by factors like:

  • Individual Trade Performance: Track the P&L (profit or loss) for each trade.
  • Accumulated Return: Track the overall profitability of your trading activity.

This performance analysis is independent of your current account balance. It focuses on the effectiveness of your trading decisions, not the current state of your account.

Why Account Balance Matching Can Be Difficult

TraderSync doesn’t directly replicate your account balance for several reasons:

  • Account Adjustments: Account balance discrepancies arise from deposits, withdrawals, interest fees, and other adjustments. Many brokers don’t offer a convenient export of these adjustments, making it challenging to import them accurately into TraderSync.
  • Transferring Positions: Moving positions between brokers introduces complexities. The receiving broker might not have information about your initial purchase price, creating inaccuracies.
  • Missing Trades: Incomplete trade data from your broker (due to limited history access) can lead to an unbalanced picture of your overall P&L.

A Workaround: Manual Account Adjustments

TraderSync offers a “manual account adjustments” feature for users who want to reconcile their account balance. This involves manually entering details for deposits, withdrawals, and fees. While helpful, this method requires significant effort and potentially time-consuming data gathering from your broker statements.

Focus on What Matters: Performance Analysis

TraderSync’s core strength lies in analyzing your trading performance. By focusing on individual trade results and accumulated returns, you gain valuable insights into your trading effectiveness. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions for future trades.

TraderSync: Your Performance Analysis Partner

While TraderSync might not directly mirror your account balance, it provides comprehensive tools to analyze your trading performance. Embrace this approach to gain valuable insights and optimize your trading strategies.