The Best Day Trading Simulator

A trading simulator is the best way to practice trading without risking any real capital. It is also the quickest way to shorten your learning curve, practice trading strategies, and find your trading edge. You can replay any trade of yours, your mentors, or friends to learn from. If you want to practice a specific setup you are learning, you can make a custom playlist of past trades where this setup appeared. This allows you to practice trading it, go back to your journal, and review the progress you’ve made, and where you can improve. Tradersync’s trading simulator is like no other simulator out there. The features it offers over other trading simulators, and the ability to sync and journal your trades, hands down make it the top trading simulator to practice on.

We created the trading simulator to replicate actual trading. When trading within our trading terminal, it will feel like real trading software with features such as customizable charts, level 2, your orders and positions, scanners, watchlists, time and sales, and account size and balance. We recommend trading with the account size you will be day trading with. This allows you to practice exactly how you would trade real money.

In order to begin paper trading and practicing, select a date, time, and ticker from the past four years, and start paper trading in our simulator! If the setup you want to practice trading happened later in the day, you can speed up the time, or fast forward and rewind to the exact time you want to trade. You will now be replaying a trade exactly as the price action happened in the past.
Day Trading Simulator

Advantages of TraderSync’s Day Trading Simulator Vs Competitors

Create Custom Playlists

The best way to use TraderSync’s trading simulator is by creating a custom playlist of the setups and trades you want to practice and learn. Just like you would organize music on a playlist on Spotify, you can do with trades on our market replay simulator. For example, you are learning how to trade a head and shoulders short pattern. Add any trade you, or your mentor, who is someone you learn from, and add it to this playlist. You can use 4 years of trading data to replay. So go to any date and ticker where this setup appeared, and add it to your playlist. You can now practice this trading strategy anytime you want, and track your progress in the TraderSync trading journal.
TraderSync Day Trading Simulator

Replay Your Past Trades From Your Journal To Learn From

The most valuable trading lessons come from your own trades. After you are done journaling and reviewing them, replay them in our market replay trading simulator. In the simulator, you can tweak any mistakes you made, and practice finding ways to minimize your losses or maximize your gains.

Click on any trade in your TraderSync journal, and then click on Replay Trade. You will be brought to the trading simulator where you can now replay this exact trade. For example, if you lost a trade where you didn’t follow your pre-made plan, practice taking the trade following your original plan. Or if you kept adding to a losing position because you wanted to average down, and it resulted in a larger loss, practice placing a stop loss at your max loss per trade. Maybe you sold a winning trade too early and didn’t follow your plan’s target exit. Replay this in the simulator and learn from this mistake.
Replay Day Trading Simulator

Synced Directly To Your TraderSync Journal To Track Progress

Our Market Replay Trading Simulator is synced directly to your Trading Journal. This allows you to track your progress, and treat your paper trading the exact same way you would in your real trading process. In the TraderSync journal, you can open multiple trading portfolios so you can separate your paper trading from your real trading.

You can tag and track setups you are practicing paper trading, so you can view the trading data in your journal like you would in real trading. This will help you understand where your strengths and weaknesses are as a day trader. Once you start paper trading and practicing more setups, you will realize where you have more of a trading edge and where you should focus your efforts on. You can also track the mistakes you make while paper trading so you can review and solve why you are making these mistakes, and prevent them from happening in real trading.

You can also make notes, while you are paper trading on the simulator, and these notes will show up in your journal under the trades. This allows you to track what you felt, and why you made the trades you did. The ability to track your progress on a journal while using our market replay trading simulator is game-changing.

TraderSync Trading Journal

4 Years Of Past Trading Data Available

Another advantage our trading simulator has over others is it has four years of trading data to replay. Most trading simulators only have a few weeks or days to replay the trade. With us, you can replay a trade that is up to 4 years old! If you ever want to go replay that one big win or loss you or a mentor had, you can now without having to worry about not replaying it in a few weeks.

You can also still use custom charts and timeframes for any tickers during those 4 years of replay data. If you want to replay an old trade with the 1-minute, 5-minute, or whichever your favorite trading time frame is, you can! You can also customize the indicators you want to use on your charts and we have them all available.

TraderSync’s market replay trading simulator is game-changing and truly no other product like it. It is the closest thing to real trading without risking real money and has many features that help you grow and learn as a trader. Journaling and data analysis is crucial to finding your strengths and weaknesses as a trader. Having the trading simulator connected to the trading journal is a massive advantage for learning traders.

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