The Challenge of Matching Account Balances in TraderSync

While TraderSync offers powerful insights into your trading performance, attempting to perfectly match your account balance stats with your broker’s statements can be a frustrating endeavor. Here’s why, and how to approach account adjustments effectively.

What are Account Adjustments?

These are transactions that affect your account balance but aren’t directly related to trades:

  • Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Internal Transfers (between sub-accounts, if applicable)
  • Broker Fees (interest, transfer fees, wire fees, margin interest, etc.)
  • Dividends, Interest, or Borrow Fees
  • … and more!

Why Matching Is Difficult

  • Incomplete Broker Data: Not all brokers provide a detailed breakdown of every fee or adjustment impacting your balance.
  • Reporting Differences: Brokers may calculate account balances in unique ways (e.g., settled vs. unsettled funds) that don’t perfectly align with TraderSync’s calculations.
  • The Time Investment: Manually tracking down and inputting every adjustment can be incredibly time-consuming and prone to error.

TraderSync’s Recommendation

We strongly advise focusing on analyzing your trading performance, rather than fixating on an exact account balance match. Account adjustments are provided as a tool for those willing to put in the significant effort, but the results may still be imperfect due to factors outside your control.