Trading simulator to rapidly practice your strategiesBETA

The modern community based market replay platform simulator that helps you better your trading setups through insightful analytics.

*No Credit Card Required
Practice Trading

Select a day from the past, click play and start practicing your setup

Replay Trades

Replay trades recorded on your journal with one click to relieve and analyze them.

Analyze Trades

Your paper trades will be automatically synced with your journal, allowing you to analyze your progress.


Trusted by 100k+ retail traders

A better way to practice trading

TraderSync Simulator is much more than your average trading simulator.
It is your own space to learn empowered by the community of retail traders.

Step 1
Discover new strategies to learn

Browse from a variety of premade setup playlist teaching you how to trade a particular setup

Step 2
Trade the playlist of charts

Once you have identify a playlist, use the trading simulator to practice the setup on the charts.

Step 3
Analyze and repeat

After each session, go to TraderSync Trading Journal, to review how your trading session went. Identify areas of improvements so you can go back to the trading simulator and practice with the playlist of charts again.

Step 4
Test your skills with the community

Participate in Free to join contest where you are encourage to apply your trading strategy in the simulator. The trader with the largest pnl win prizes.

Trading Simulator Features

  • Practice Day Trading
  • Sync Paper Trades
  • Track Level II
  • Keep a Watchlist
  • Screen for Stocks
  • Track Time & Sales
  • Track Progress
  • Replay Up To 4 Years
  • Repayable Tick Data
  • Replay Past Trades
  • Create Playlists of Setups
  • Level II Widget
  • Wacthlist Widget
  • Screener Widget
  • Time & Sales Widget
  • Key Stats Widget
  • Order Widget
  • Position Widget
  • 3 Years Historical
  • Repayable Tick Data
  • Strategist Charts
  • Playlist
  • Contests
*No Credit Card Required

Frequently Asked Questions

What assets do you cover?

Currently, you can simulate trading U.S. listed stocks. We hope to expand to other assets in the near future.

Can I simulate the market in real time?

Currently, you can replay a day in the past but no simulate the market in realtime.

How far back can I simulate?

Currently, we have available 4 years on the trading simulator.

Which features are included in my plan?

The following features are available for Pro, Premium and Elite:

  • Replay a trade from the past
  • Replay a chart
  • Create and manage a playlist
  • Participate in contest
  • Sync your paper trades with TraderSync

The following features are part of the Elite plan only:

  • To replay a specific date
  • To replay a playlist

Is this included with TraderSync Journal subscription?

Replaying a specific date from the market is included under the ELite subscription. Everything else is free.

Any plans on expanding to Options, Futures, Crypto and Forex?

Yes, we plan to expand to as many markets as we can.

Do you provide refunds?

No refunds, all sales are final.