Unlock the Story of Your Trades: A Guide to TraderSync’s Trade Details

Think of your Trade Details page as a trading journal entry. Each trade has a story, and this is where you’ll find all the details – your motivations, execution, and the ultimate outcome. It’s a powerful tool for reviewing past trades, refining your strategies, and identifying patterns that drive your success or losses.

Key Features of the Trade Details Page

  • Executions: See every individual buy and sell that made up the trade
  • Tags (Setups, Mistakes, Custom): Understand why you entered the trade and potential errors you made
  • Chart with Execution Markers: Visualize your entry, exit, targets, and stop-losses in the context of price action.
  • Running P&L: Track how your profit or loss fluctuated throughout the position’s lifespan.
  • Exit Analysis (Rolling Analysis): See how your profit would have changed if you exited at different intervals (e.g., +5 minutes, +10 minutes).
  • Notes and Screenshots: Record your thoughts, observations, and capture visual references.
  • Metrics: Get a comprehensive view of the trade’s P&L, return percentage, R-Multiple, expectancy, portfolio, cost, size, and more.


Make it Your Own: Customization Options

  • Layouts: Choose between “Balanced” (equal focus on data and chart) or “Chart Focus” views.
  • Activate Trades List: Navigate between trades quickly without returning to the dashboard.
  • Manage Blocks: Rearrange or hide content blocks to focus on what matters to you.


How to Access and Share

  • Finding a Trade: Search via the Trades section, or access it directly from the Dashboard.
  • Sharing and Privacy: Create shareable links for feedback, but protect your data by toggling privacy settings.

Extra Feature: Assign a Strategy

Link a trade to a pre-defined trading strategy checklist. This lets you track which rules you’re following (or not!) and pinpoint those impacting your performance.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

Unlock the full potential of your Trade Details page to become a more informed and successful trader.