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Using TraderSync for Timothy Sykes’s Strategy

I started as a Timothy Sykes student. Rapidly after a few months of reviewing all his content under the millionaire challenge, I found myself with a handful of different strategies to potentially apply to trade the market yet not real guidance in which direction to go.

At first, I was making profits following three strategies. However, as anxiety to speed up the process and start making more money I started diversifying my strategies to be able to place more trades thinking that, if I can apply more strategies/setups I can trade more, therefore, I can gain more profits. Well, it didn’t take more than a few weeks for me to completely lose control and not being sure what was I doing.

As the week went by, I started to trade fewer setups, still, I even though I was trading at least one or two trades a day, I did not know what I was doing right or wrong. I know I was onto something but I was just not sure what to do with all the information I had. This is when I decided to stop trading and look for a system that can help me understand what is my edge based on my trading pattern. The system was simple, I just needed a trading journal to start journaling my trades and then try to understand what action to take the very next day based on the feedback of my trading journal.

Looking online I tried every single trading journal available and I didn’t find any of them to provide me quick feedback about my trading edge and to be easy to manage on a day to day. This is why I decided to create my own trading journal TraderSync. A platform that will allow me to apply the setups/strategies and all the knowledge I learned with Timothy Sykes and other courses into my trading journal so I can concentrate into trading while the platform will quickly provide me with feedback and help me shape my trading into the right direction.

It only took about a solid month of trading and journaling into TraderSync to start seeing drastic results. Information is power, and those that can count on it, can make a great positive change. TraderSync allows you to keep control of your Timothy Sykes strategies while helping you understand what exactly is happening behind your trades.

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